Transportation & Logistics

Prince George is strategically located at the confluence of the Fraser and Nechako Rivers and its network of road, rail, air, and marine infrastructure connects northern B.C. businesses to the rest of the world. 

Transportation and Warehousing are the backbone of Prince George’s economy and the largest sector by employment. Prince George is surrounded by a transportation labour pool of approximately 22,000. 

Image of the Cameron Street bridge overpass road above the CN Railyard

The most cost-effective point for distributing products in the North American economy 

1 and 2 day access to Western North American and U.S. Heartland markets 

Image of a Westjet airplane with the control tower in the background on the tarmac
Image of a log truck on the road and the CN Railyard with freight on the tracks adjacent to it

The Port of Prince Rupert is the closest (500 nautical miles) North American West Coast port to Asia. It is the deepest natural harbour – channel depth of 35m, and ice-free year-round most reliable container trade corridor on the West Coast. Purpose-built to provide a high-velocity gateway for transpacific container trade 

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