Manufacturing is one of the largest economic sectors in Prince George and part of a fully developed supply chain for natural resource projects. The sector complements growing mining, energy, and bioenergy industries in Prince George and has resulted in demand for some of the following: 

Image of green sawmill equipment
  • Metal products 
  • Industrial chemicals 
  • Custom and specialized fabrication products 
  • Plastic goods 
  • Machinery 

The largest manufacturing subsectors by employment are: 

industrial building

Paper manufacturing (895 jobs)  


Wood production (601 jobs) 


Beverage & Tobacco (310 jobs) 

anvil with a hammer above

Fabricated mental production (246 jobs) 

Image of an industrial sized Nailer gun used to build prefab walls for homes
  • Manufacturing and utilities workforce make up 26.7% of employment  
  • Stable business property tax rates 
  • Low cost, clean, reliable 500kV transmission line 
  • Occupations in manufacturing and utilities 1,838 

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