Clean Fuels

Prince George is an ideal location for growing a low-carbon economy and low-carbon fuels cluster having several sources of low-carbon fuel and hydrogen sector activity present in the region. As the main service center for central BC, and at a significant transportation crossroads, Prince George is well situated to distribute fuel across 70% of the provincial landmass. 

Prince George’s skilled workforce and diversified business sectors offer a range of opportunities for new low carbon business investment across the expanding economy

Image of a white car with an electric charging cable attached to it.

Image of 4 power transmission lines

Image of a man in blue coveralls with high vis and a white hardhat holding paperwork in front of large pipes, stacks at the Tidewater facility

large pipes, stacks at the Tidewater facility

Image of a white, heavy-duty truck with words that say Powered by Hydrogen on the side of the truck

Image of a large log pile in the yard of a sawmill

Image aerial view of a sawmill in the fore front, green trees and a blue river behind the mill.

Image of a house with red siding, black garage doors and a stone pillar front entrance archway. There is a small garden in front of the patio that follows the driveway path.

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