Prince George’s construction industry is one of the main drivers in the development of new projects that are planned or underway in northern British Columbia. These projects involve contracts with local firms and support a large workforce to help deliver and build modern and innovative infrastructure. 

Residential real estate is a significant contributor to the local economy and is a leading economic indicator. The value of building permits issued by the City of Prince George 2022 set a new record at a little over a quarter of a billion dollars, breaking 2021’s then-all-time best by approximately $14 million (approximately a five per cent increase). 

Image of a construction site where a backhoe in the background is piling gravel, rebar and wooden forms are being built and workers are preparing the site for buildings.

More than 38,000 trade students graduate from the College of New Caledonia every year. 

Access to large core industries such as lumber, steel, asphalt, and concrete. 

Image of a construction site where a bundle of 2x4’s is being hoisted in the air, a worker with a high vis vest and green hard hat is standing on a ladder. There is a large arch way in the right side of the picture built from wood and support beams are wrapped in blue plastic.

Image of piping and large towers at the Tidewater Chemical plant

Natural resource, business, and tourism developments result in high demand for construction in Prince George. 

Prince George has a diverse construction industry (design and build subcontractors). 

Image of the back of a head of a middle-aged, grey-haired man looking at a computer screen with blue, teal, red and white blueprint drawings on it. The desk has a keyboard, glasses, glasses case and cellphones on it.

Image of a pulp mill plant including a sawdust pile, smokestacks, and green trees in the forefront.

Proposed $195 billion funding for major project capital expenditures in Central and Northern B.C., which accounts for over 60 per cent of all major capital expenditures in B.C. 

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